*After-Jam Plans*

I plan on tweaking the game (and probably adding more levels) after Alakajam! is over. Here are some of the things I might change/add:
- Death counter

- Swap bar regenerates when in blue mode, or is nonexistant.

-More levels, dude!

-More music...

-Change the opening screen

-Extra characters?

-Swap bar regenerates when out of orange mode

-Controller Support


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Nice! I'll be playing again for sure.

How do you do your music? I have really no idea about making music for games, and your music is truly amazing.

I wouldn't add extra characters. Maybe making the level groups have different feels, aestethics and different gampelay elements from one another would be better to make the game richer :)

I'd ditch the bar or refill it instantly when on solid or blue land.

Great game! Consider me a fan :) I'm surprised you have nothing more on itch

I use the website Beepbox.co for all my music. It's easy, yet fun to use.